Seven things you might not know about me

Glasgow Rose

I’m a bit of a rocker at heart
It’s left over from my youth.
Springsteen, Deep Purple, The Stones, The Who
But Strauss and Chopin suit me too

I’m a little in love with Art Nouveau
I adore ‘The Glasgow Style’.
Dazzling stained glass and geometric line
But the Mackintosh rose is my favourite design

I’m more than a tad scared of flying
I do it under greatest duress.
Morocco, Croatia, Italy, France
But it’s Ireland that makes my heart dance

I’ve a passion for Green & Black’s chocolate,
Oh the way that it melts in my mouth.
Maya Gold, Chilli and Ginger too
But when feeling desperate, Bourneville will do

I really enjoy entertaining
I think I’m a bit of a chef.
Tagines and tapas and Sunday roast
But the best thing of all is cheese on toast

I adore a floral aroma
I specially choose what I grow
Lily and Lilac, Sweet Pea and Rose
But lemon verbena gets right up my nose!

I’m ace at being a Nanny
I am better at this than all else
Bicycles, dolls and The Gruffalo,
But I do like the peace when they finally go.


  1. Oh, that is such a good poem! You are hiding your light under a bushel! I concur with all of that but I’ve never made a tagine or a tapas in my life – perhaps I should start now!
    I hope you will post more poetry like that, it’s such fun. Look out, Carol Ann Duffy!
    Margaret P


    • Haha, I don’t think Ms. Duffy has anything to worry about! I met her at uni when she came to do a lecture. Tagine is just a fancy name for spicy curry type food and I bet you have made some smashing ones! We put on a Spanish evening for a few friends a couple of years ago with authentic music and wine. I made loads of small tapas dishes. It involved so much work and I said “never again!”


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