It’s the little things


I read in the newspaper this morning that Britons claim to feel a wave of true happiness eight times a week.  I suppose it depends how you term happiness and on what it is that makes you happy.  I think of happiness, not necessarily the result of a single event, but as a general state of mind. But even when we don’t have that underlying feeling of happiness, it is still possible to experience those momentary little pleasures.  I’m not talking here of ongoing stuff like the fact that my husband clears up after dinner every single evening (for which I am ever grateful), or the general enjoyment of a day out or a holiday; what I mean are those fleeting occurrences that ‘lift’ us, and these can be experienced many times every day.

A few little pleasures that make me feel good:

  • hearing a long-forgotten old favourite song on the radio whilst driving
  • the golden hue cast by winter sunshine
  • the smell in the air on a crisp autumn day
  • the rainbow that follows a summer rain shower
  • the waft of a beautifully perfumed flower as you walk into a room
  • the instant healing power of warm water on an aching body
  • being told that my 21 month old grandson had pointed to Helen Mirren on TV and said, “Nanny”. This is a very specific one, of course!

There are so very many more and they happen every day.  Yes, I’d love to win the lottery and see my children’s faces when I handed them a large cheque but it probably won’t happen (likelihood might be greater if I actually bought a ticket) so I’ll carry on enjoying those momentary little pleasures.


  1. * Freshly cut grass (but not when I have to mow it)
    * Getting into bed with newly washed bedsheets
    * A long hot bath with my Kindle

    Three of my “happy” moments


  2. I agree with all of those, Eloise! And getting into a bed that has freshly laundered linen on it, a cup of tea first thing in the morning, breakfast in bed, spring flowers, the new leaves on the trees which are that lovely acid green of spring before they turn large and dusty in summer.
    Margaret P


    • All of those, Margare. There are so many little pleasures in life and ai think we should focus on them rather than wishing our lives away waiting for the ‘big one’. If I had a maid, I would have fresh bed linen every day!


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